Aims and objectives

www.imagesource.comThe aims and objectives of the series are to explore the potential and possibilities of the visual for understanding inequalities of health, gender, class, ethnicity and age including the ways in which visual culture and visual practices mediate and/ or mitigate against these. In order to explore these issues, the series brings together academics, policy makers and advisers, health and social care practitioners, community groups, commissioners of research and services, practising artists and those working in the creative, media and voluntary sectors to engage in a dialogue about the possibilities and challenges of the visual for inequalities research and practice.

The expertise of participants across this range of methods and practices means that the seminar series can actively address vital questions connecting the visual and inequalities research. These include: 

  • Theoretical, methodological and conceptual developments in visual research and practice, identifying and critically evaluating their contributions to understanding social inequalities

  • Establish networks of academics, policy-makers and practitioners who are engaged in the use of visual methods, in order to generate new research partnerships within and across these networks

  • Enthuse doctoral and early-career researchers with the potential of visual methods and develop and strengthen the skills capacity of new and established researchers

  • Engage with research users and local communities through workshops and exhibitions allied to the series in order to disseminate knowledge and stimulate discussion about the value of visual methods for social research