This recently completed (Sep 2011) ESRC funded seminar series brought together academics, practitioners and policy makers from across the arts and social and health sciences in order to explore the potential of the visual for understanding the forms and experiences of inequality that shape societies, communities and individual lives. Organised around the themes of Photography; Film, and Video; Art; Design and New Visual Technologies, the aim of the series was to generate an intellectually rigorous, policy focused visual research agenda while also stimulating wider public conversations about inequalities and the role of the visual in sustaining and/or ameliorating these.

Latest News

The programme of seminars has now come to an end however the team continues to work closely with communities and stakeholders in the generation and dissemination of methodologically innovative policy relevant participatory visual research. Please contact us for more information

Visual Dialogues: New Agendas in Inequalities Research

is sponsored by the Economic and Social Research Council